Recruitment Coordinator for the CY


Recruitment Coordinator for the CY
Part Time
02-625-6386 [email protected]
Gershon Agron St. 8 Jerusalem

About FJC

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in the summer of 2022, the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center (FJC) is a hub in the heart of Jerusalem for transformative encounters with Torah and Israel for people across all ages and stages of Jewish life and learning. Our campus serves upwards of 50,000 people annually as the home of the Conservative Yeshiva, the Agron Guest House, scores of Israel-programs and tours for North American day schools, digital programs with global reach, a synagogue, USCJ’s Nativ and USY Pilgrimage programs for youth, and a variety cultural and educational initiatives on-site and in Europe, the UK, and North America.

The Conservative Yeshiva is the jewel in the crown of our work, home of intensive, inclusive, high-level study of Jewish text and tradition specializing in young adult leaders and seekers.
We are hiring a Recruitment Coordinator for the CY to ensure that we find outstanding students to learn with us. This position will focus mostly, though not exclusively, on North American young adults.


The Recruitment Coordinator for the CY is responsible for recruiting for the following programs:

1. Year (or semester) Lishma students: Typically these students are on the younger side, in their early 20’s and 30’s.They include students who are beginning their foray into the world of serious Jewish learning, those who are considering careers in the rabbinate or Jewish education, and those who have the time in their lives to take a year off and dedicate it to increasing their Jewish depth and knowledge.

Target is 15-20 full time students per semester.

2. The Ta’amu program–a short term winter break program which is highly subsidized. This is intended for college students, mostly juniors and seniors.

Target is 30 students.

3. Summer program–the CY offers one or two summer sessions. These students range greatly in age, from college students to retirees. Much of the recruiting for this program will come through semi-organized groups–synagogues, educators, youth groups etc.

Target is 75 students per session.

4. Recruiting outside groups for short and long term programs for both the CY and FJC. The CY would like to serve as an educational home for groups in Israel for other purposes–Israel activism, internships, travel, etc. This is still an underdeveloped part of the CY/FJC program but could turn into a major source of both revenue and mission development.

Structure of Role:

Much of the work entails communicating with individuals and organizations in North America and Europe in order to attract students and groups to the CY. The expectation is that the candidate would travel to the US at least twice a year, and would be able to dedicate time in the evening towards communicating with applicants in North America. Much of this work entails building a contact base from which to draw now and in the future.

The base of the work will be done at the CY, with the candidate supervised by Hila Lipnick, Program Director of the CY, with consultation with Dr. Joshua Kulp and Rabbi Joel Levy, the Rashei Yeshiva.


  1. The candidate should have a record of involvement in advanced programs of Jewish learning, including study at the CY itself or other similar institutions.
  2. A shared sense of the mission of the CY/FJC so as to be able to convey such a mission to a larger audience.
  3. Fluency in English at the level of mother tongue.
  4. Strong writing and communication skills.
  5. Ability to work independently and manage her/his own schedule.
  6. Some organizational experience with Jewish organizations.
  7. The ability to create and use a database with and for others.
  8. Comfortable with social media.


Base salary for 20 hours/month in addition to extensive bonuses for achieving agreed upon recruitment goals.

To Apply:

CVs and Letter of Interest may be sent to Hila Lipnick, Program Director of the CY – [email protected].


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