International Sales and Marketing Manager


International Sales and Marketing Manager
Full Time

About LDS

Laser Detect Systems (LDS) is a world-leading developer of technologies in the field of explosives and narcotics detection and identification. Utilizing remote stand-off, laser-based, and trace detection technologies, LDS has commercialized patented, groundbreaking systems for homeland security, law enforcement, military, and environmental safety. These systems enable stand-off, real-time sensing, and trace detection of explosives, narcotics, and other hazardous materials in powder, liquid, or pill form, without the need for sampling.


1. Price proposals, tender proposals,  monitoring government tender processes

2. Preparation of marketing materials including: product brochures, email campaigns, presentations, whitepapers and comparisons, etc.

3. Performing company presentations and promoting portfolio of products, following up the process to completion

4. Preparation, planning, and participation in company booth at worldwide defense/tech expos. LDS participates and attends multiple international exhibitions throughout the year.

5. Qualifying and developing new marketing and sales leads

6. Conducting site surveys, developing concepts of operation, and defining customer’s operational needs.

7. Sales-architecture: designing a deal catered towards user’s requirements and carrying out the project through the full sales-cycle.

8. Customer support in pre-sale and post-sale context including• Conducting technical product demonstrations to various customers worldwide • Conducting customer product training seminars post-purchase• Providing technical support to customers during product’s life-cycle

9. Monitoring and maintaining customer relationships with agents, partners, and sales-channels

Skill Requirements

• Excellent presentation skills, verbal skills, and social skills in international settings and cross-cultural environments

• At least 5+ years' experience in technology-based sales and marketing, with at least some experience in sales/projects working within government/military/police environments 

• Fluency in English is a must (reading, writing, speaking)

• Ability to lead and lead independently, be self-driven, and take initiative

• Capable of leading, developing, and managing multiple international sales-channels• Ability to promote, monitor, and manage long/complex sales cycles

• Experience in negotiating and technical/commercial understanding• Must be comfortable learning about and working with advanced technologies. Applicants need not be “engineers,” but must be comfortable in understanding technologies, their applications and limitations, and be able to communicate and demonstrate them to engineers and tech-savvy customers. Job requires intensive live product demonstrations where applicants must adapt to the field environment and the surprises and unexpected events that occur within new settings under new conditions. 

• Job requires intensive travel 

• Advantages for applicants with:

- Dual-citizenship 

-English as a mother-tongue

-Experience in defense industry and/or security screening technologies

-Background or degrees in engineering, tech-industry, or economics

**Applicants are requested to please send CV/Resume and any additional documentation and inquiries to: [email protected]**


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