Senior Python Software Engineer 719663


Senior Python Software Engineer 719663
Full Time, Work from home
Work from home

Company is looking for a Senior or Lead Python Software Engineer able to take on current projects and help to support them.

Job Description

* Support our calling platform

* Support our public api v1

* Support and develop finite set of integrations with third-party

* Participate in the design and architecture of new public open API.

* Work with high load systems with 5 million events per day and 600 messages per second.

* Write clean, dry and modular code, providing proper documentation when necessary.

Remote Work Opportunity


* 3+ years as a backend software engineer.

* Excellent knowledge of python 2.

* Experience with flask

* Experience with GCP


* If you have proven experience building your own API.

* If you want to learn .net 5+

* If you have an experience with AWS

Please send CVs to [email protected]


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