Personal Career Coach


Personal Career Coach

Our personal coaching for career allows diverse people - mid-career professionals, change leaders and entrepreneurs, women leadership, to re-imagine your career and work and take responsibility for your personal and professional growth in confidence. Our expert coaches create a space for inquiry, clarification and inventory in the areas of work roles and life journey. It helps people professionally and personally by helping them proactively improve effectiveness, take action towards goals and improve welfare.


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Why is personal coaching for careers so important?

As the levels of complexity and change grow exponentially, so does our need to be able to simplify this complexity and its meaning for us. In today's environment, we believe that everyone can benefit greatly from training. Even leaders like Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, attest to the tremendous benefit that coaching can bring to individuals by giving them real feedback and supporting improvement.

Personal career coaching gives perspective, and allows you to focus on what really matters most and in a busier, distracted and challenging environment that we are all in, this focus and perspective can raise your efficiency in several levels.

How can you benefit from personal coaching in your career?

1. Widen your gaze safely
Coaching for a personal career is different from managerial feedback and allows you to approach difficult issues without feeling constrained by organizational requirements. Even when personal coaching for a career is sponsored by the organization, confidentiality between the coach and the client ensures that you get a safe space that is supportive and challenging.

Personal trainer lifts a mirror so you can see what is holding you back and what strengths you need to step up. You can also see things more objectively and more clearly, and create more options and perspectives.

2. Set stimulating and meaningful goals and take action towards them
You may often feel stuck because you do not have a goal that excites you or you are caught between conflicting goals. Coaching helps to reveal your motivations, needs and values ​​and thus find goals that are more compatible with these.

Especially in personal career coaching, people often acquire much more clarity regarding professional goals that are stimulating and meaningful, and thus not stuck. Personal career coaching also helps to track these goals and put in place, habits and practices to achieve these goals.

3. Get a customized learning program and improve skills
Each person has different skill groups, strengths and goals and personal career coaching helps to create a personalized learning and skills development program. Through psychometric tools and assessments, people can become aware of their strengths and patterns and learn how to work on these.

Personal trainers can also guide people in developing specific skills such as communication, argument, and more.