Thai Meridian Massage Stretch Therapy - Ancient Chinese Medicine


Thai Meridian Massage Stretch Therapy - Ancient Chinese Medicine

Hello, my name is Hod I live in Amirim a beautiful neighborhood in northern Israel near Tfzat where I've had my clinic for several years practicing the ancient form of Chinese medicine commonly known as Thai Meridian massage therapy.

The therapy includes deep tissue massage, stretching, pressure points, and rope balance all aimed at the goal of removing clogged or blocked energy channels of your body's meridian energy flow and to bring the body and mind to a state of perfect balance. 

I've spent many years studying under some of the greatest masters of this practice in the far east and with G-d's help have been successful helping and healing all sorts of pain weather it's external physical muscle or joint pain or internal organ issues. 

The therapy is all in line with Torah, Halacha, and Da'at Torah.

  • Feel free to contact me via Phone Call or WhatsApp to ask me anything about the therapy or for a free phone consultation. My number is 058-466-6776
  • The Clinic is newly open in Jerusalem on Yaffo 30, I also have a clinic in Tel Aviv and Amirim.
  • Recommendations are available, call 058-781-3878 or watch
  • Each session is at least 1 hour and 15 minutes at 360 shekels, longer sessions are also available.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and with G-d's help healing you. 

Visit this link for more information about Meridian Massage Therapy

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Jerusalem: Paran 7 Floor 2

Tel Aviv: Shalom Alechem