Is your older parent suffering from loneliness and boredom?


Is your older parent suffering from loneliness and boredom?
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 People with dementia, in addition to cognitive impairment, commonly suffer from loneliness, stress, depression, physical and emotional pain. Creating and maintaining meaningful relationships becomes more difficult, which creates a tendency to avoid contact and activities, closing a vicious circle.

Rachel Kleinberger, developer of the Havruta For Elders method, has 20 years of experience in helping people with dementia and their families to cope with dementia symptoms. By combining experience, knowledge, creativity and a rare ability to form warm and trusting relationships with older people, Rahel is able to help people with dementia discover and realize a potential for happiness, interest and self-worth that still exists within them in spite of their condition.

Havruta For Elders sessions focus on deep connection, meaningful activities, cognitive stimulation and relaxation techniques.

Our personally tailored sessions provide preventive and preservative cognitive care for the elderly and for people with dementia. 

We also offer guidance and support sessions for the family (and other caregivers) of people with dementia.

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