A Geshmak for Mitzvos - for your Bar Mitzva boy


A Geshmak for Mitzvos - for your Bar Mitzva boy
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Nachl Lchish 21/5 RBS A Beit Shemesh

A new group is starting in the popular pre-Bar Mitzva course of Rav Naftali Kaplan.   Group no. 13 !!!‏‏‏‏

Your son’s upcoming Bar Mitzva… What a momentous occasion. He will be wearing Tefillin and undertaking a lifetime of responsibility of mitzvos. Is your child aware of the many implications for his life? Does he feel ready to tackle these new responsibilities?

Rav Naftali Kaplan teaches and inspires groups of boys about the significance of their upcoming Bar Mitzvah. In small groups - with personal attention - your son can deepen his connection to Hashem and to Yideshkeit. With a real geshmak, Rav Kaplan conveys the halachos of tefillin in depth as well as various hashkafos that will prepare your son to take on the responsibility of mitzvos and excite him about the new opportunities.

If you also want your son to approach this new stage with confidence, calmness and elation, so that he will put on his tefillin with an appreciation of his connection to Hashem, you are welcome to sign him up for the popular Bar Mitzva preparatory course.

New group starting בע"ה בחודש אדר ב

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