Matanot Laevyonim Bo Bayom in Bet Shemehs


Matanot Laevyonim Bo Bayom in Bet Shemehs
0559998315 [email protected]
Beit Shemesh

Garin Yachad delivers generous packages to over 200 needy families in Bet Shemesh that are not getting assistance from other sources. We work with the welfare office to verify the status of the families.
We also cross check our list with other distributions to ensure that the families we are delivering to are not receiving already from others

Please help us fund these packages by donating generously:

Donations can also be made using

Bit: 055-999-8315


bank transfer to:

Kehillat Yachad Bank Pagi (number 52), branch 179, account number 592358


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