A Cut Above the Rest by Jeff Mor


A Cut Above the Rest by Jeff Mor

Interview with Jeff Mor, Diamond and Jewelry Wholesaler

How did you get into the diamond industry?

After graduating from Yeshiva University in 1991 with a degree in Business Finance,

I started working in my uncle’s diamond company on 47th Street. I learned firsthand about diamond cutting from the rough and about jewelry-making.

How do you operate your business?

After working for my uncle for three years, I decided to start my own diamond and jewelry company before making Aliyah. My uncle was very supportive, and signed as a guarantor to the bank for my credit line and to get me accepted as a member of the prestigious Diamond Dealers Club of New York. I started traveling between the Diamond bourse in Ramat Gan, to buy diamonds directly from the rough manufacturers, and New York, where I would certify all my diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). I would then sell those diamonds to jewelry stores and other diamond dealers or use them to create stunning pieces of jewelry. 

Throughout these 20+ years, I have made, and sold, hundreds of diamond engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets and diamond pendants. I am able to supply these items at true wholesale prices.

What related services do you provide?

Besides selling diamond jewelry, I am frequently asked to reset a customer’s diamond into a new setting. Both of my jewelers, one here in Israel and one in New York, can custom make any piece just from a picture. Therefore, I tell my customers to look online for exactly what they like, and I make it for them for a much lower price.

Who are your clients?

Baruch Hashem, I have been very fortunate to sell many young couples their diamond engagement rings. My customers are from Bet Shemesh, Modiin, Ra’anana, Efrat, Jerusalem and New York. Many of these customers have referred their friends to me. 

 Why have people been buying from you for the last 20+ years?

I believe people appreciate the honesty and high-quality product that I give. I also always educate each of my clients about the different variables of carat size, color, clarity and cut, showing them in different diamonds. Almost all the diamonds I sell are GIA certified with “Triple Excellent” (the highest of standards) in cut, polish and symmetry. This makes them more sparkly and fiery than other diamonds.

What does a consumer need to be wary of when choosing a diamond?

There are a number of aspects to buying a diamond that require caution. 

Make sure any diamond you purchase is certifiedby the GIA.

There are many lenient laboratories that will grade the diamond a higher color and higher clarity than the diamond really is. This is bad for the consumer because he will now pay a higher price than necessary. If that same diamond were certified in GIA—the most reputable and strict laboratory in the world—then the consumer would only be paying the fair market value.  

Even within the GIA certified diamonds, there are ranges from poor-fair-good-very good-excellent in each of the categories of cut, polish and symmetry. A ‘good’ diamond will have much more of the diamond’s weight distributed into the depth of the stone, resulting in less surface area. An ‘excellent’ diamond will have the perfect ratio of weight distribution into the diameter of the stone, resulting in the stone looking larger and more sparkly. 

Another aspect to be wary of is the fluorescence of the diamond. ‘None’ is the best, and ‘faint’ is okay too, but ’medium’, ‘strong’ and ‘very strong’ fluorescence reduce the value of the diamond significantly.

What are your plans for the future?

B’ezrat Hashem, to continue to see the smiles on the faces of my clients for many more years to come!

For more information contact Jeff at 050-573-9061 or see his Facebook page here