The AliExpress Shopping Guide


Aug 12, 2019 | News | Jerusalem & Area
The AliExpress Shopping Guide

AliExpress—Ecommerce Rival

AliExpress, owned by the Chinese Alibaba Group, is one of the world’s leading online retailers. Launched in 2010, AliExpress offers significantly cheaper products than its rivals. In cooperation with Chinese merchants , AliExpress acts as an e-commerce platform and doesn’ t sell products directly to consumers.

Israel, AliExpress’s Largest Market

The Israeli market accounts for AliExpress’s largest customer base. A ccording to a report by the IsraeI Postal Company, AliExpress topped Israel's cross-border shopping websites in 2018.

China's Singles Day (online shopping festival of Nov 11) is like an exciting holiday that Israelis look forward to. Although the Israeli population is only 8 million, about 4 million orders are placed from Israel on AliExpress on November 11th.

What do Israeli Customers Say?

Customers in Israel are satisfied with the online retail company AliExpress. This is evident by the increasing number of Israelis using the service. AliExpress connects Israelis to low-cost, high-quality products, which leads to customer satisfaction.

Why Israelis Choose AliExpress

Considering the high cost of living and taxes in Israel, it’ s obvious why Israelis prefer to cut costs by any means possible. One way is by ordering cheap online products that are quite expensive back home. An order costing below $75 is exempt from import tax, so the final cost stays low.

Shipping to Israel

Is it really that quick? Shipping from China to Israel used to be a major issue. Previous delivery methods were not quick enough, considering the enormous number of buyers and the number of packages. Just a few years ago, packages arrived in Israel three or four months after being shipped from China! Currently, the delivery system is much more quick and efficient. AliExpress has various shipping methods, including 30- day free shipping and express shipping that costs just a few dollars. The customer usually receives an email within 72 hours of package dispatch and can track the order online. Orders normally arrive within 30 days.

Israel Postal has been operating a sorting center in Modi'in, about 10 kilometers away from Ben Gurion International Airport, since April 2017 With a total area of 13,000 square meters, the center is the biggest site in Israel responsible for sorting cross-border online packages, most of which weigh 2 kilograms or less.

Though the packages from AliExpress originate in China, they are delivered to Israel mainly viaEurope. That’ s why customers in Israel often wait at least two or three weeks to receive their orders. For Israeli customers, it’ s worth the wait because goods from China are cheap and high quality, and delivery is free.

Pitfalls of Online Shopping

When online shopping was first available in the mid-90s, many users struggled with flawed products, lost orders and poor customer service. Buyers all around the world demanded better customer service and refunds on flawed products. Online businesses saw that better customer service was necessary to retain loyal e-customers. This led to a revolution in customer service which improved the online shopping experience. Merchants started to take responsibility for delivering faulty goods, and customers’ rights increased. If a customer didn’ t like the product purchased, he was able ask for a refund or exchange it. This led to the inclusion of warranties, which offer protection to the customer.

What to Expect from AliExpress

Aliexpress, one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world, underwent a customer service revolution to accommodate customers all around the globe. Customers feel as safe buying on Aliexpress as they do on its rivals, Amazon and eBay.

The e-commerce giant from China, prevents merchants from getting paid until buyers report that they are satisfied with the products they ordered. If a customer fails to report, Aliexpress withholds payment for 60 days, in order to protect customers and ensure a refund if needed.

Features of Aliexpress:

  1. Order a little or a lot:

    AliExpress has no minimum or maximum order quantity.
  2. Low unit price compared to other markets:

    Prices on AliExpress are cheap compared to other online shopping websites. This is primarily because it is located in China, which has one of the most business-friendly environments in the world for manufacturing and exporting . Though it is quite cheap, buying in wholesale is cheaper. This is due to a simple economic fact, the more units of goods you acquire, the lower the unit price becomes.
  3. Free shipping:

    AliExpress usually offers free shipping as an incentive to attract customers to place orders on the platform. It has various shipping methods, including 30- day free shipping and express shipping, which costs just a few dollars.IMAGE%201.png
  4. Easy, user-friendly shopping interface:

    AliExpress has an easy shopping interface that is easy to use and has a familiar feel to customers. The online platform is visually appealing and easy to scroll through, and the interface is user - friendly.
  5. Shipping time:

    Goods shipped from AliExpress usually take a long time to reach consumers. This is one of the challenges AliExpress has been grappling with since its inception; how to deliver goods to consumers in the shortest time possible. Goods ordered from AliExpress used to take 3-4 months to ship to Israel, but now it's only about 2-3 weeks. Despite the shortened shipping time from China to Israel, AliExpress is still trying to improve the customer experience with even quicker shipping.
  6. No need to talk to suppliers.

    AliExpress connects merchants and consumers together through its platform. AliExpress acts as the middleman passing information and rendering essential services to both sides so customers don’t need to talk to suppliers.

Difference between Alibaba and AliExpress

Do you know the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress? Do you use the names interchangeably or assign the wrong name to the wrong owner? Alibaba and AliExpress are both owned by the Alibaba Group, which is owned by Chinese business magnate Jack Ma. The difference between the two is in their business orientation.

Alibaba is the leading platform for global wholesale trade, serving millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Most members on Alibaba are manufacturers, trading companies or resellers who trade in large order quantities.

In contrast, AliExpress is a global retail marketplace offering quality products at factory prices in small quantities. Customers can order as little as one item, and can pay safely using the Buyer Protection service.

Guide to Buying on Aliexpress

  1. Identifying good sellers.

    I dentifying good sellers on AliExpress can be a challenging. There are hundreds of sellers on the platform offering similar products, and it’s not always easy to distinguish between them. Every product page includes the name of the seller, —the store that provides the products. In order to identify good, reliable sellers, buyers can read recommendations and feedback from previous customers, regarding both the seller and the specific product. Good sellers usually have the best-quality goods. The better the feedback and the more orders the seller has, the better chance the buyer has of being satisfied with their purchase.IMAGE%202.pngIMAGE%203.pngIMAGE%204.png
  2. Use established sellers.

    Established sellers are a safer bet than new ones. Established sellers have a reputation to protect and will likely not ship faulty and low quality goods. They also have the market experience and know how best to satisfy consumers.
  3. Read product descriptions carefully.

    It is important to read the product description carefully. It might be a long read, but customers should read meticulously because the description includes facts about the product that are important to know before ordering.IMAGE%205.png
  4. Check seller warranties.

    Does your seller offer warranties? Which seller of the product you want to buy offers the best warranty? Warranties are the closest thing to trust in the online market.IMAGE%206.pngIMAGE%207.png
  5. Distinguishing counterfeit products from real products.

    How do you distinguish between counterfeit and real products? Like with any other website, type a keyword in the search box. To narrow down the search results, choose to be shown only products with 4+ stars rating. After that, you can choose any criteria that meet your specific needs, such as price range and free shipping. This significantly decreases the number of products displayed and increases the chance of finding real products on AliExpress.IMAGE%208.png

What can I buy on AliExpress?

The answer is almost anything. The products on the website are divided into 13 major categories such as Cellphones & AccessoriesBeauty & HealthWomen’s ClothingConsumer Electronics and so on. So whether you’re a Gadget Freak or a Fashionista, finding amazing products on AliExpress is simple: Just click on your favorite category or type a key word in the search bar at the top of the page, and you’ ll receive hundreds, or even thousands of results. The AliE xpress mobile application also has a feature that allows users to search by image. Simply upload the image of the product you want, and AliE xpress will find similar products.


We recommend customers follow the size chart on each product’s page in order to minimize the need to return or exchange the product. Be aware of the fact that the standard Chinese size is very different than the European one. Chinese sizes are considerably smaller!


Using Cashback

Did you know that you can save money while shopping on AliExpress? Meet How does it work? Cashback gets paid a commission by the hundreds of stores appearing on the website and pay that money right back to you after your purchase!

Cashback will refund money right back to your Paypal or bank account.


Are AliExpress products genuine?

In the past, AliExpress was notorious for having low quality or fake products on the website. In recent years , the company has made a great effort to improve the quality of the products by removing counterfeit products and collaborating with popular brands such as NikeAdidasXiaomi, New Balance, SamsungHuawei etc...

Shopping festivals on AliExpress

You don’t want to miss out on huge sales and events happening at AliExpress! The main event of the year happens on November 11th - Singles’ Day. AliExpress also celebrates its anniversary every March 28, and lots of participating sellers offer huge discounts. Aside from these two events, AliExpress also hosts various events like Black Friday (23.11), Cyber Monday (26.11), Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year Sale, etc. During these special sales, AliExpress offers up to 80% off thousands of amazing products.

Combine shipping

Every merchant notifies the buyer about the product’s estimated arrival date. Since most of the products are sent without a shipping fee, we recommend combining shipping of multiple orders with similar arrival dates.


One merchant at a time - Another way to get faster delivery is by ordering the desired products from the same seller.

AliE xpress Facebook groups - We recommend joining official and private Facebook groups dedicated to finding excellent products on AliE xpress. You will find plenty of recommendations for amazing products in these groups. Be careful, though; some of the links being shared on those groups come from people who receive commissions from Aliexpress. So before you make a purchase be sure to check the product’s and the seller’s feedback score.

My delivery hasn’t arrived! What should I do?

Open a dispute - This action allows the buyer to report dissatisfaction about the product, the seller or the purchase process in general. For example, you have the option to open a dispute for overdue shipments, faulty products or if the product you’ve received isn’t similar to the description in the seller page.


Customer Service

Buyers can contact customer service regarding any subject. For example, if opening a dispute did not help, the buyer can file a complaint by submitting their name and order number and describing their case. The buyers can also chat with customer service representatives during activity hours.



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