Software Engineer (Full Stack) 970968


Software Engineer (Full Stack) 970968
Full Time, Work from home

Software Engineer (Full Stack)


Key Responsibilities

• End-to-end development and support of internal processes Windows .NET C# + SQL Server

processes and applications

• Code, test, and deploy modifications to existing process, less often new processes

• Testing and QA validation are required of all developers, we have no specialized QA team or

testers at this time

• Gather and compile requirements, design definitions, related documentation, code reviews

• Operational monitoring, troubleshooting, and support (system and end user)

• Follow internal practices for development, agile methodologies and tracking, and

administrative procedures

Basic Qualifications

• Self-driven, dedicated, naturally take ownership of your work

• Have a solid and successful working history writing and maintaining applications written

with Microsoft .NET + SQL Server

• Excel at working both independently and with others

• Can readily adapt and refocus in response to changing priorities

• Possess sufficient written and verbal skills to effectively communicate in English with others

– technical, business, and end users

Value-Added Qualifications

• Possess either a degree or diploma relevant to the position

• Substantial experience designing, implementing, and maintaining non-GUI and fairly

complex backend processes that make heavy use of SQL Server

• Experienced with: Troubleshooting, solving tough problems, resolving system bottlenecks,

end user support

• Experience working in corporate and/or financial environments

• Experience developing with Selenium

Work Environment

• Once the Corona virus is no longer a problem, those within commuting distance will be

required to work from our Jerusalem office two days a week

• Until then, you will have the discretion of working from the office (health regulations

permitting) or from home

• Frequent collaboration with others located in the EST time zone necessitates availability

during EST morning work hours

• English is the primary local working language, and the only language used when (frequently)

communicating with others.

Send CV to [email protected]


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