Meet the Author - Mrs. Rivka Segal


Meet the Author - Mrs. Rivka Segal
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 22/10/2020 Starts 11:30 Ends 12:30 25 NIS

Mrs. Rivka Segal

Throughout our lives, in every situation and circumstance, we turn to the words of David Hamelech to express our deepest feelings and prayers.

After teaching hundreds of women in Jerusalem, noted lecturer, Mrs Rivka  Segal, will uncover the beauty and relevance of Tehillim.

Thursday, October 22nd  11:30 am

Live Via Zoom

25 nis - Free for Members

Contact us at 073-724-1637 or [email protected]

Director: Yaffa Iszaevich 

Honorary Program Director: Julie Fran


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