R&D Team Lead 992919


R&D Team Lead 992919
Full Time

For our new team, we are looking for an exceptional R&D Team Leader to help create and shape the next generation of the Point-of-Sale systems, a product that is simple and intuitive. You will recruit and develop each R&D team member. You will lead technology research, software design, and development end-to-end– from concepts and prototypes to production release.

Our ideal candidate is a proactive, technologically fluent leader with a can-do approach and strong interpersonal skills who thrives in a fast-paced work environment and is highly motivated to deliver things to production.

Job Responsibilities:

* Recruit and build your development team

* Lead and grow a multi-disciplinary engineering team

* Work in a lean and agile start-up-like product team

* Work closely with product manager and product designer to deliver amazing products

* Work closely with the CTO and VP of R&D to research possible new technologies

* Responsible for the R&D ownership: architecture, design, implementation, and deployments of a mobile POS system

* Follow secure programming and web application security best practices

* Delegating work and assignments in an efficient way to team members

* Make direct technical contributions as well as provide guidance and direction to team members.

* Design and help develop a modular, flexible, scalable, secure, reliable, and quality POS solution that delivers business value through superior user experience.

* Be responsible for setting the technical direction as well as for planning deliverables and


* Work closely with the other teams to optimize system architecture and project efficiency

* Maintain high standards of software quality within the team by establishing good practices and habits.


* B.A\BSc in computer science of known university\college or equivalent experience

* Experience leading a team as both a deep technical leader and a thoughtful people manager.

* Strong track record of leading and managing the delivery of software development projects, meeting key milestones, and overcoming challenges

* 3 years of experience leading an engineering team

* 6 years of experience building mobile B2C applications

* Experience with devices communications methods

* Experience with large-scale software development including software maintenance, resolving significant technical issues as well as providing direction for new software technology/process development activities to meet specific product goals.

* Strong knowledge of system architecture, best practices, and design patterns

* Proven ability to take mobile applications to market

* Excellent communication skills

* Excellent English skills, both verbal and written

* Work Hours: 11:00 - 19:00

Preferred skills:

* MSc in computer science

* Experience with POS systems

* Experience with user interface design and prototyping

* Experience with both Android and iOS

Please send CVs to [email protected]


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