Neuroclinic - Progress made easy. Check out our remote option!


Neuroclinic - Progress made easy. Check out our remote option!
053-792-9876 [email protected]
Oholiav 28, Jerusalem, REMOTE-option available!

Change your brain. Change your life.

Neurofeedback trains your brain to rewire
and self-regulate.
Get treated anywhere in the world —
from the comfort of your home.

We're here to help you with: 

  • ADHD
  • Processing Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

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You’ve tried everything.

But it's just not working.

It’s time to tackle the root of the problem.

At NeuroClinic we understand that all behavior starts from the brain.

We work on rewiring your brain to function differently, so we treat the cause, not the symptoms. And with an 84% success rate, and hundreds of relieved clients, this is the solution you were waiting for.

And it’s all done from your own home — at a time that works for you.

These lives have changed with Neuro Clinic:

Yael was failing in school. Her teachers complained that try as they might Yael just wasn’t “catching on”. I saw it when I would help her study for tests, it was frustrating and painful to watch. It affected her self-confidence, her social life, and her overall happiness. Very soon after starting with NeuroClinic, we could already see change. I noticed, the teachers noticed and most of all Yael noticed!
Today Yael is happy, full of confidence, and studies with her friends like any kid. Oh, and she gets great marks too!
Thank you NeuroClinic!


Eli was difficult. He was impulsive and would often be very aggressive with his siblings. He was never diagnosed with ADHD, but when the school started pressuring us to put him on Ritalin we had to do something. We decided to book an evaluation with NeuroClinic.
The EEG findings were not surprisingly excess frontal theta… classic ADHD. We started training and within a short period of time he made such progress that the teacher was sure we must’ve put him on meds! Today Eli’s a changed boy! He focuses in class, is calmer at home, and is overall a much happier
kid…without meds!
Doing NeuroClinic with Eli was the greatest gift we could have given him and we’re so grateful we did!


We're focused on one metric. Helping you.

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