Neuroclinic-Progress made easy! See the change, feel different


Neuroclinic-Progress made easy! See the change, feel different
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Kids love coming, parents love the results.

At neuroclinic, we believe: no pain GO GAIN! Progress doesn't have to be difficult or boring. Clients watch videos and play computer games controlled by their brains! Happy parents, happy kids.

See the change, feel the difference!

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Say goodbye to temper tantrums, impulsivity and irritability.

Learning Disabilities

Start looking forward to PTA as your child stops struggling and begins succeeding.

ASD/Social Skills

Learn the things you just can't teach as you hone tact and social nuances.

And More...

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Change you can Feel measure!

Did it work? Will it work? Is he responding? Should she continue? Is it time to stop?! Questions such as these can prove very frustrating in any therapy process. EEG based neurofeedback is unique in its ability to scientifically measure progress.

At NeuroClinic we take a repeat EEG assessment, free of charge, every 8 sessions. We then compare it to the last EEG taken, to see what’s improved. This enables us to keep track of how well and how fast each client is responding. It also ensures that when a client stops improving, we can detect it almost immediately.

With each improved EEG, we tweak, adjust and adapt the treatment protocol to be as personalized and as effective as possible.

Some of our many success stories:

"Dovid was a serious hardworking Yeshiva Bochur with severe ADD. He was prescribed Concerta and though he hated the side effects, it seemed it was the only way he would be able to function. Then we heard about NeuroClinc. After doing some research we decided to give it a try and the results were astounding! In the 6 months since finishing the course Ahron is a different person. He’s excelling socially and academically, he’s happy, full of confidence and completely off meds! NeuroClinc gave my son a new lease on life and I strongly recommend it for anyone in a similar situation."

Esty, Ezrat Torah, Jerusalem

"Eli was difficult. He was impulsive and would often be very aggressive with his siblings. He was never diagnosed with ADHD, but when the school started pressuring us to put him on Ritalin we had to do something. Having seen amazing results at NeuroClinc with our daughter, we decided to book an evaluation. The EEG findings were not surprisingly excess frontal theta… classic ADHD. We started training and within a short period of time he made such progress that the Rebbe was sure we must’ve put him on meds! Today Eli’s a changed boy! He focuses in class, is calmer at home and is overall a much happier kid…without meds! Sending Eli to NeuroClinic was the greatest gift we could have given him and we’re so grateful we did!"

Malka, Maalot Dafna