CompuTip - A Pain in the Mouse? N-296


CompuTip - A Pain in the Mouse? N-296

I recently found out that one of my clients was having mouse trouble -  


she has a tremor which makes mouse movements difficult. Here are a few options that I came up with:

Get a trackball

I bought one for my daughter who had a deadline to hand in her doctoral thesis but needed to do revisions first.  She was able to rest her hand by alternately using the trackball and her mouse.

According to one source, there are basically two types of trackballs:  "thumb-driven, with a smaller ball on the side of the housing, and finger-driven, with a much larger central ball meant to be operated by multiple fingers at once."

Call or email me for advice on which trackball to buy.  

Get a vertical mouse

Recommended for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. See here:  "As you can see, a good vertical mouse can not only help in the prevention of CTS, Tendinitis and certain musculoskeletal diseases, but can also enables people who already suffer from these conditions to continue using a mouse without exasperating their condition."  Prices in Israel range from 48 NIS to 692 NIS.

Get a RollerMouse

I actually installed this for a client who suffered from hand pain. Not sure if he is using it instead of his mouse or using it occasionally to ease up on mouse usage. One model that I saw costs $265.  Not sure if it's available in Israel.  See here for more information.

Here is a review:"  Pros - Keeps hands on the keyboard; Comfortable; Multiple buttons and scroll wheel; Can be used with any keyboard.  Cons - Slight learning curve; Accidental presses of the dedicated left mouse button; Expensive

Get the SteadyMouse program

This program has an algorithm which cancels out the random movements caused by a tremor.  It costs $43 for the current version or $127 for a lifetime subscription to all future upgrades. 

The author wrote on his website:  "P.S. If you are struggling to make ends meet, send an email to [email protected]  explaining the situation and we'll work something out. Our first priority is helping people."

You can also download version 1.3 for free here.  You can then upgrade to the second version with a 70 day money-back guarantee.

Get a free webcam pointer program:

These programs require a webcam (fairly standard these days) to track your head movements.  You use your head instead of your hand to point and click.

1.  eViacam - aka Enable ViaCam - an open-source project with the following features:  hands-free, wireless, easiness and simplicity, customizable, and support user independence.

2.  Camera Mouse - developed by Boston College to help people with disabilities

Please note:  Unfortunately, I cannot take any responsibility for use of the software, directions or links suggested. I have no interest - financial or otherwise - in the software or sites listed.  Use at your own risk. 

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