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Steven Brown
2 months ago

"Steven Brown is a brilliant Rolfer/Osteopath with an analytical mind to diagnose and fix problems in my body. He has tremendous intuition, strong knowing hands, and cutting- edge tools. He's been treating me these past fifteen years to reshape my posture and support me in overcoming injuries and handicaps that occur from being very active in life. He's a pleasure to work with, and his encyclopedic knowledge of human anatomy, along with his technique and his technology... is why I continue working with him and still see great results. I wholeheartedly recommend Steven and Rolfing to everyone looking to overcome pain from injuries and optimize their body and range of movement. Thanks so much." Simcha Gluck, Trainer, Speaker, and CEO at Salves of Jerusalem Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
Executive Vice President, Emeritus
Orthodox Union, New York I initially learned of Mr. Brown's services through an advertisement in the OU Israel Center's Torah Tidbits. It described his expertise in a healing method known as Rolfing. At that time I was suffering from severe pain in my arm and shoulder. I had consulted several physicians, who attempted numerous interventions, ranging from standard physical therapy to cortisone shots, all to little avail. At the time that I first consulted Steve, surgery was being recommended. My first session yielded immediate results. The shoulder pain had been hindering my ability to sleep, but after Steve's initial treatment I had my first full night's sleep in well over a year. Steve recommended the full ten-session Rolfing sequence that was of immense further help. The sessions further ameliorated the arm and shoulder pain, but also helped me with other aspects of my physical well-being. I have since made it my practice to consult Steve whenever I visit Israel. My experience with him is much more than pain management. Steve's approach is truly a holistic one. Physical issues such as posture and gait, weight loss and nutrition, and even jet lag, have been addressed in our work together. Our conversations about religion and spirituality have been fascinating, and that, together with the jazz music playing in the background, has contributed to my overall sense of wellness. Steve does not limit his technique to Rolfing. He has integrated other cutting-edge methods such as laser treatment into his work. He is a master healer, and I recommend his services highly.