English Tutors Course


English Tutors Course

Do you want a new career?

Kibbutzim College or Education offers an English Tutors Course- A one-day week program- A practical Course to become an English Tutor.

The course prepares English speakers to tutor English for all ages on a personal level or in small groups. The course provides methods and tools for teaching English as a foreign language in the Israeli setting.


Teaching reading, writing and grammar for all levels

Preparing for the Bagrut

Teaching English to students with learning disabilities

Business English

Teaching English creatively, using games and technology

Prerequisites: high level of English proficiency

Day: Wednesdays; Time: 8:30-15:45

Place: Kibbutzim College of Education, 149 Namir Road, Tel Aviv

Please contact Dr. Rivi Carmel 0544369700


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