Eco-Friendly Tableware for your Simcha


Eco-Friendly Tableware for your Simcha
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When you make a simcha, you no longer need not worry about polluting the environment or filling up precious landfill with single-use plastic chad paami tableware. Instead you can now purchase low-cost disposable tablewares that are guaranteed to decay within a few weeks after your event.

Source One Eco Friendly offers high-quality disposable Chad Paami tableware that is eco-friendly. Made from bagasse plant fiber and other compostable compounds, all of our products are either biodegradable or compostable.

Caterers love our biodegradable products because they are robust and heat-resistant. 

Our ecological tableware products are significantly cheaper than other products currently on sale in Israel. Check out our online store: today!

Check out our exciting range of eco-friendly tableware and test it out for yourselves. Make a change and make a difference!

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