CompuTip - How I saved 100 NIS in Taxes J-306

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CompuTip - How I saved 100 NIS in Taxes J-306

My wife likes to keep us healthy and orders herbal supplements at iHerb.


She recently ordered a whole slew of supplements, including B12, Omega 3, Niacyn, Erythritol -- and pure organic vanilla.

I helped her with the order and found out that the bill came to more than 500 ₪.  In addition, we were supposed to pay another 100 ₪ in customs tax.  We split the order into two (each less than the $75 = 290 ₪ customs exemption cut-off) -- and saved the 100 ₪ tax fee!  The $75 cut-off applies to all personal Internet orders, not just iHerb deliveries.

Since each order was more than $40, shipping was free.  We opted for the Boxit delivery.  Our orders arrived at a nearby store -- at a location that we were able to choose.

Here's another way to save:  Use this link and you are supposed to get $10 off of your first iHerb order.  I'm also supposed to get some sort of a rebate, so it's a win-win deal.  Call or email me to find out how to get $10 off of each order.

Here is a short price comparison for one of our order items:

Simply Organic, Madagascar Vanilla, Non-Alcoholic Flavoring, (Farm Grown , 2 fl oz ) 59 ml 535

iHerb - ₪35.46 here

Israel - ₪47.00 here (I checked for the lowest price available in Israel on )

This comes to a saving of 11.54 ₪ or 33% (before any iHerb discounts) !!

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