Make a miracle. Save many Lives!


Make a miracle. Save many Lives!

Make a miracle. Save a Life!

Laniado Hospital - Sanz Medical Center in Netanya has kicked off Chanukah with an 8 day appeal to raise funds to build a much needed new Intensive Care Unit. The unit currently has only 6 beds and they are in urgent need of expanding the ward to four times it’s current capacity!

Laniado Hospital was founded by the former Rebbe of Sanz, Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Halberstam. During the holocaust, the Rabbi vowed that if he was saved from the horrors, he would strive to save people “regardless of religion and race, etc.”, as he wrote in the hospital’s founding declaration.

“If there are places that are proud of their technology, we’re proud of our humanity" says Asael Shachaf, Laniado Hospital’s spokesman.

Every dollar counts! This Chanukah, save a life and donate today!


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