Pa'am Shlishit Gilda- Free Ice Cream on Election Day in Jerusalem!


Feb 27, 2020 | News | Jerusalem & Area
Pa'am Shlishit Gilda- Free Ice Cream on Election Day in Jerusalem!

Pa'am Shlishit Glida - on 2.3 choose Jerusalem business!

Jerusalem Municipality presents: Third time ice cream.

In honor of the upcoming Election Day, the Jerusalem Municipality is providing a sweet benefit!

For every purchase above 20 NIS in a Jerusalem business, you will receive a free ice cream!

With the aim of strengthening Jerusalem businesses and following reports of a surprising trend of a decline in business revenue during the recent election, the Jerusalem Municipality initiated the project to distribute ice cream.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon: "We will continue to strengthen the Jerusalem businesses in every way and at all times. I urge all residents of the State of Israel to vote and immediately travel to enjoy the city of Jerusalem. Happy voting day."


List of participating ice cream stores:

Mousseline - Rehavia (Hanasi 10), Mahane Yehuda Market (Ha'armonim 2), Beit Hakerem (Yad Harutzim 4), Danya Square (shopping center).

Katzefet - Beit Hakerem (Herzl Blvd. 102), Givat Shaul (Kanfei Nesharim 35), Har Nof (Shaulzon 58), City Center (Ben Yehuda 2, Jaffa 34), Rehavia (KKL 19), Ramot Eshkol (Paran 9 ), Talpiot (Hebron Road 105).

Glida Metuka- Har Chomah (Eliyahu Koren 27).

Metudela - Rehavia (Benjamin Metudaleh 1).

Cookie Cream - Mahane Yehuda Market (Ha'eshkol 6).

Selfy's - Mahane Yehuda Market (Agrippas 111).


* Inventory is limited - first come first served

** One scoop of ice cream in a cone/cup, or soft ice cream.

*** With display of receipt