$14-22/hr work from home


Apr 01, 2020 | Jobs | Other | Raanana / Sharon
$14-22/hr work from home

Are you a busy housewife, parent, or anyone else who is looking for a flexible, work from home/anywhere position? 

Would you like to be paid an American salary without working American hours?

Are looking for a full time job, a part time job, or even just a side hustle?

If so this job is for you!!!

VIPKID is currently hiring teachers.

VIPKID is an online teaching community where you can teach children in China to speak English.

What you will need:

  • Teaching experience of any kind (this can be brick and mortar classroom teaching, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, etc.)
  • A Bachelor's degree or higher (in ANY subject)
  • Eligibility to work in the US or Canada
  • A computer and headset
  • A high speed internet connection

A little more info: This job involves little to no preparation on your part. VIPKID provides power point lessons with teacher prompts (ex: teacher asks "what is this?" student answers "this is a cow.") for you to use in your online classroom so all you have to do is teach! No grading! No preparation! No working ANY hours that don't suit your lifestyle!

You can earn anywhere from $7-$11 per 25 minute lesson - that's anywhere from $14-$22 an hour! (Your base salary will be determined at your interview, but the average is $20 an hour.)

This position is totally flexible with zero commitment - all you have to do is show up! Want to teach more hours - just open up more teaching slots, want to teach fewer hours, open up fewer slots. This job is totally flexible and can even be taken on the go (provided you have stable internet connection).

Watch this video to ge ta better sense of what VIPKID does https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mri-pHFRDe0

You can apply or get more information by using this link