August tours


August tours
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc) 10/08/2021 10/08/2021 Starts 09:00 Ends 18:00 320 NIS
[email protected] 0522352724

August 10 We will have the distinct honor of visiting with some of our very best Jews in the destroyed community of Homesh in the Shomron.In 2005 Ariel Sharon ordered the destruction of all the Jewish communities in Gush Katif plus four in Shomron. There is a group of young men who have maintained a connection with the site as they meet to learn Torah daily. We are invited to visit this site and meet these extraordinary Jews. We will visit Mount Eval and "Joshua's altar", one of the most important biblical/archeological sites in the world. A local expert guide will accompany us on Mount Eval and see the altar that Joshua built as he entered the land over 3,300 years ago. This site borders the Palestinian Authority and has been damaged by Arabs more than once in an ongoing attempt to erase all Jewish trace in our land. We will have an IDF escort . Before we visit this majestic site we will enjoy a film about Shomron and the Jewish people. On our return to Yerushalayim we will visit the famous winery in Rachelim and learn about and taste the award winning "Tura" wines. You may snooze on the bus. Departure at 9:00 from the Inbal hotel Return between 5:00 and 6:00. Bring lunch cost :320 shekels

August 25 Star gazing in the Ramon Crater with "Ira the star man" By popular demand we will go down south to the Ramon Crater. Our expert astronomer suggests Wednesday August 25 as the best night to enjoy the thrill of the night sky. Our team will bring professional telescopes for our use and guidance. We will depart at 4:00 pm and return around 1:30 am. Bring something for the night chill. cost:320 shekels


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