RONNI SUNA - CBT Psychotherapist


RONNI SUNA - CBT Psychotherapist
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Bet Shemesh

“You’re in the place where your thoughts are. Make sure that your thoughts are in the place you want to be.”

               ״אתה נמצא במקום בו נמצאות מחשבותיך. ודא שמחשבותיך נמצאות במקום בו אתה רוצה להיות.״

                                                                   הרב נחמן מברסלב

CBT, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, is a short-term, goal-oriented therapy which uses a variety of techniques to change thinking, mood and behavior with proven results in treating excessive worry, depression, anxiety, procrastination, anger management, self-criticism, dieting difficulties, fibromyalgia & more.

Working together, we reach specific predefined goals improving your quality of life, self-esteem and happiness.

My nursing background and knowledge of CBT are the basis of our partnership allowing me to guide you in obtaining skills and techniques to learn how to feel better and manage future triggers to deal with and prevent the return of symptoms.

I am certified by Misrad Habriut as a CBT psychotherapist. My 35 years of nursing experience (which include being the Coordinator of Nursing Education in Herzog Hospital’s Departments of Geriatrics and Psychiatry) with an expertise in Geriatric Nursing and certification by Misrad Habriut in Clinical Instruction have provided me with the tools and experience that form the foundation for developing a strong working partnership to achieve your targeted goals.

The sessions can be conducted in English or Hebrew.

Utmost privacy & confidentiality guaranteed.

052-323-5450 [email protected] office in Bet Shemesh