Pilates For Life!


Pilates For Life!
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My name is Tziona and I'm a certified Pilates Instructor who is looking to help you get in shape and feel your best!

Located in Katamon, I work with people of all ages and body types, including pre and post natal.

I have successfully helped clients overcome chronic pain through their practice of Pilates.

Please contact me for a consultation so we can come up with a plan that suits your needs.


Clients Satisfaction

great instructor!
1 year ago

I really enjoyed the class I took with Tziona. She created such a fun and relaxing atmosphere and I felt really comfortable doing all the exercises. She really pays attention to what you're doing and makes sure to explain the exercise if you're having trouble. I felt like I got an amazing and varied workout that was really suited to my needs. 5 stars!!!

Super professional!
1 year ago

Tziona is an amazing instructor. I had been suffering from piriformis pain for about a year before we started working together and I didn't know what to do about it. Tziona took the time to plan out a series of exercises that would help me stregnthen my muscles in order to overcome the pain and it worked! She really takes them time to get to know you and what your body needs. She's also patient, explains the exercises well, and knows how to provide you with alternative options if something isn't working for you. I highly reccommend her!