Netanyahu to Biden: ‘By working together, we can confront Iran’


 Netanyahu to Biden: ‘By working together, we can confront Iran’


“A credible military threat” could deter a state determined to wipe Israel off the map.

U.S. President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Wednesday at the U.N. General Assembly for the first time since the Israeli leader was re-elected last November, and a main topic of discussion was Iran.

Specifically, the Islamic Republic represents a growing nuclear threat in the Middle East as it continues to enrich uranium at sites across the country.

“I appreciate, Mr. President, your continuous commitment to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear-weapons capability. I think that’s critical,” Netanyahu said. “And that shared goal of ours can be achieved by a credible military threat, crippling sanctions and supporting the brave men and women of Iran who despise that regime, and who are our real partners for a better future.”

The Israeli prime minister added: “I look forward to working with you and your team to realize the promise and confront the threat.”


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