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Taste of Talbieh Catering-30+ yrs of kosher food to order!

I began my home-based catering business soon after making Aliyah to Jerusalem in 1985.  

Offering kosher takeout food to order, as well as full-service catered events, I moved to Maale Adumim in 2009 after marrying another caterer (!), when we merged our businesses, but each keeping our already recognizable business names.
Marc's business is well-known among the Anglo community in Maale Adumim - Marc of Excellence.
We offer a year-round takeout menu (dairy, meat, pareve items) and special menus for the Fall chagim, Shavuot, Thanksgiving and summer meal packages, as well as full-service (or partial, as you wish!) catering for any/all special events for up to 125 guests, personally created for each client based on their requests.
We are kosher, under the private Rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Gedalia Meyer of Maale Adumim.
Contact us to be added to our elist and receive our menus.
Also, see our Facebook page: Taste of Talbieh/Marc of Excellence Catering.
We service the greater Jerusalem area.

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