Ulpan-or. Learn Hebrew at the speed of light.


Ulpan-or. Learn Hebrew at the speed of light.

Ulpan-Or is an innovative center for Hebrew learning since 1995. With more than 35K students taught, cooperating with more than 85 schools worldwide, 2 embassies and with dozens of Immersive and online programs.  

After 20 years of research, Ulpan-Or founders Orly and YoelGanor have developed a revolutionary methodology for learning Hebrew online or in-person called Rapid Language Acquisition (RLA)RLA allows students to learn Hebrew rapidly while making the ancient language of Hebrew come alive today in a fun and welcoming environment.

Using our Jerusalem and  Tel Aviv campuses and our online programs we're able to connect you to Israeli culture and teach you how to get confident with your Hebrew at whatever level you're at.

Doesn't matter if you came to Israel for a week, a month or longer, or you just want to learn Hebrew online, Ulpan-Or has a customized program for every learning style and schedule.

Whichever program is chosen, students at Ulpan-Or learn more Hebrew at a faster pace than any other Hebrew programs, whether they focus on learning Hebrew online or in a physical classroom.

We are proud to be the official provider of Hebrew programs to the American and Brazillian Embassy in Israel.

More than 85 schools and universities in North America, South America, and Australia successfully use Ulpan-Or’s unique iHebrew™ curriculum. 

Learn more about our programs and start learning Hebrew at the speed of light with Ulpan-Or!