Investment Opportunity


Investment Opportunity
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Investment Opportunity

A small chain of restaurants is looking for equity investors to support its growth plans for the coming two years.

The chain is a national chain, with 8 branches, from Be’er Sheva to Haifa. Their goal is to grow to 20 chains over the next two years.Rather than finance the growth through debt, they prefer to do so via equity investors.The chain’s Customer Club currently has over 100,000 members, generating a strong repeat business.

Of the eight branches, three are kosher: one Rabinut Harahsi, and two Mahadrin.

The chain is currently privately held.For investors this is an opportunity to get a foothold in a growing chain.If the chain grows sufficiently, she will be able to go public and shareholders will enjoy substantial capital gain.

The current investment program is similar to CrowdFunding, in that small investments are possible, with a minimum investment of NIS 2,475 (33 shares at a price of NIS 75 each).

There are two options for investment:

1.) Direct investment as noted above.Each investor will invest directly in the chain and receive shares.

A subset of this option is for an investor with a larger amount of funds to invest.Depending on the size of the investment, an active position in the company may be possible.

2.) I am organizing an investor group, with the goal of raising NIS 250,000.The investor group (to be organized as a Limited Liability Corporation) will then invest in the company and take a position in the restaurant’s board of directors (representing the investors’ interests).

For more information, contact me at 054 5316157