Senior Reflexologist - reflexology Jerusalem -Amos Ben Shaul


Senior Reflexologist - reflexology Jerusalem -Amos Ben Shaul

Senior Reflexologist & , acupuncture therapist

Experiencing stress or pressure ?
Trying to cope with anxiety ?
Reflexology & Acupuncture are effective natural treatments - without the use of medications


Clients Satisfaction

Kelly Bracha Glus
Highly recomended
2 years ago

I was privileged to be Amos's patient in reflexology I can testify that Amos is the type of therapist who has added value - a therapist who sees the full picture before he starts to treat. And then - he is attentive to the patient in an unusual way. A sensitive therapist full of knowledge and good hands. I know that a good therapist comes to the patients who deserve him. And Amos, certainly worthy. Highly recommend

Yael Lasry
2 years ago

Amos is very profesionnal,and recommanded