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Frustrated, Stuck in your Career or Relationship? I Can Help

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Are you at a turning point and/or lacking direction in your life, career, or relationships?

Do you wish you:
- Knew what direction to go in?
- Could stop doubting and questioning yourself and feel more confident?
- Knew how to create joy, fulfillment and success for yourself in the areas of your life that matter to you most?

I can help you.

My name is Jenny Sassoon. I am an experienced social worker and professional certified career and relationship coach.
I believe that you are your best asset for your success and that each of us are successful at what we do when we are authentic to who we are.
Utlizing my authentic-based approach I help you discover your unique direction so that you can stop doubting yourself, have clarity, feel confident and in control, and move forward to create joy, fulfillment and success in your life, career, and relationships.

I offer you customized coaching programs that are best suited for you to help you achieve your desired goals. I also empower you with practical tools you can apply to your life right away to create the changes you seek.

You will benefit from my services if you are:

- A high school or army graduate or university student.
- Just getting started with your career or your new business.
- At a crossroads or at the start of something new (like a promotion) in your life or career.
- At the starting point of a new relationship (or would like to be in a relationship.)
- Thinking about or have already started growing your family.
- Ready to let go of past difficult or hurtful experiences and move forward in your life, happy, healthy and empowered.

What past clients and have gained:

“I was given many tools to help me achieve my goals; and those goals I have not yet reached, I have the tools to eventually reach them all. I appreciated your gentle guidance and patience in the areas I felt stuck. Your program helped me move on from my past and�live my truth. I am grateful for your realness. I am happy that I chose you to be part of my healing journey and thank you for going the way with me.” ~ B., Ma’ale Adumim

“I found Jenny exactly at the right moment in my life, and she really helped me to build a solid foundation in so many ways for embarking on the adventures that came during and after we began our sessions together. Jenny helped me to reconnect with my inner core and essence, rebuild and strengthen my relationship with myself, to feel confident in recognizing and honoring my needs and setting healthy boundaries, and she gave me many useful tools with which to plan and visualize my future and really take care of myself. She did all of this with cheerfulness and honesty, and I looked forward to our sessions every week. I really feel now that I have rediscovered the deceptive ease of living life as my honest and true self, and that I have many tools to continue this process into the future. She was also flexible with my schedule and willing to give me advice at any time of the day. I highly recommend her!” ~ Young Professional,Tel Aviv, Israel


"I started this coaching experience when I felt like I had reached a wall in my own understanding and my own self-expression. Though up to that point I worked very hard up to understand myself and live the life I wanted to be living, but I got stuck. I had a hard time understanding and expressing my feelings. I was struggling to understand my relationships and to know what steps to take to keep moving forward. Then I started working with Jenny. Jenny listened, and taught me tools to help me better understand myself, and put those understandings into words. She provided a safe and warm space where I felt I could share anything. In between sessions she was available if I was struggling, and during the sessions she was focused and present. Jenny helped me get to know myself and be able to put that knowledge into words, and share with others! My coaching experience was the greatest gift I could ever have given myself! I have unleashed myself." ~ Keren Berger, Jerusalem

“This coaching experience was a life changer for me. It taught me things that are very basic about my life, but that I never put much thought into – Respecting myself, understanding that what I do is my choice, “Me time”, staying in my business.� These lessons opened my eyes up to how much I can improve and enjoy my life, and how much I can enjoy connecting with people without it influencing my self-respect.� This helped me a lot at a very important transitional stage in my life from the army back to civilian life." ~ SM, Jerusalem

Get started and experience your own amazing results.
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Contact met at: [email protected], or by phone: 054.331.5781
My offices are located in Ma'ale Adumim & Jerusalem. (I provide my services either in-person or via Skype/Zoom/Facetime depending on your preferences and needs and service clients all over Israel, as well as internationally.)

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Jenny Sassoon, MSW & Professional Certified Career & Relationship Coach
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