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Laredet- Weight Management Solutions

052-677-0081 [email protected] http://coming soon...
43/5 Nahal Ein Gedi, Bet Shemesh

Do you lack control over your eating habits?

Do you have difficulty sticking to diets?

Have you been unsuccessful in your attempts to lose weight?

Have you lost weight, only to gain it right back? 

My name is Dr. Tzachi Fried, and one of my specialties as a psychologist is helping people lose weight.

Why a psychologist, you ask?

 It is pretty well known that the basic components of weight loss are diet and exercise, and most people have a decent idea of what foods are healthy and what foods are not. People who simply need guidance in choosing a diet can consult a dietician, people who need a more structured environment for exercise can join a gym, and people who have metabolic problems that prevent them from losing weight can see a doctor. Many people lose weight using these methods, but for many this is not enough. 

The main obstacle that many people experience in their attempts to lose weight are related to their behavior around food- in particular their eating habits. People also have thoughts and perceptions regarding their eating, their weight, and themselves that prevent them from taking the proper behavioral steps to lose weight. These thoughts can include seemingly helpful plans and goals that are counterproductive and can lead to lowered committment and motivation. Emotional factors also often come into play, sometimes without even being noticed, that influence behavior and thought processes. 

All these factors lie in the realm of psychology, and I started Laredet in order to use my training as a psychologist to help others lose weight by targeting problematic behaviors, thoughts and emotions. My goal is not to help you lose weight as quickly as possible (seldom a long-term solution), but rather to help you achieve long-term weight loss so that you don't need to come back. The methods used by Laredet are backed by years of intensive psychological research, and are similar to the methods used in highly effective psychotherapies.

So contact Laredet for a consultation at 052-677-0081 and lose weight...for good. 

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