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Tracey Shipley | Youth and Parent Counselor- Addictions Spec

Tracey Shipley | Youth and Parent Counselor & Addictions Specialist

054-810-8918 | [email protected] |


  • Youth & Young Adult Counselor

  • Addiction Counselor

  • Family Counseling Focusing on Communication

  • Creative Therapist


Working with families, teens and young adults for over 26 years, I find that my warm and informal approach has allowed my clients and their families to feel at home from the first moment they meet me.

With a background in Addictions and Art Therapy I enjoy using creative strategies to assist my clients in sharing openly, communicating with their family members and developing ways to deal with their issues through action oriented tools.

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Tracey Shipley

Youth counselor & addictions specialist (Israel)

Cellular: 0548108918  

E-mail: [email protected]


Contact me for a free consult and/or learn more about me at I would love to hear from you for a free initial phone consult.


Clients Satisfaction

Gedaliah Blum
anonymous to maintain privacy
2 years ago

Review 1<br /> <br /> I am very impressed of course with your professionalism, your warmth, your keen attention to my daughter's needs, dancing with her at her tempo, and your straightforward way of getting down to business.<br /> Mother of a 14 year old client<br /> <br /> <br /> Review 2<br /> Tracey, you were among the people who saved my life. I am so grateful for all you have done!<br /> - A young man addicted to drugs and alcohol for over 7 years<br /> <br /> Review 3<br /> I really want to thank you for helping us pull through a very intense crisis in our lives. You gave us support when we felt we didn't have any and you taught us a tremendous amount. I really hope that Sobar plans are moving forward and that your incredible energy is helping young people all over Israel.<br /> - A grateful mother<br /> <br /> Review 4<br /> I want to let you know how very much I appreciate your helping my grandson and me through his crises and intervening in the numerous "emergencies.". He is a totally different person than the one who came to live with me a few months ago. As for your working together with us, you've truly been amazing, and we couldn't have pulled through without you. Again, Tracey, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.<br /> - Grandmother of an addicted young adult<br /> <br /> Review 5<br /> I have observed Tracey Shipley interacting with children, teens and young adults in a variety of settings. I am also aware of her vast personal experience negotiating services for youth in this country. She is extremely knowledgeable on many fronts, technically and interpersonally. And more importantly, she is also 105% committed to helping young people develop and improve their life situation.<br /> - Judith Posner, PHD<br />