Dr. Plotkin Chiropractic


Dr. Plotkin Chiropractic

Doctor treats conditions related to the spine:  neck, midback, lowback pain, headaches, shoulder pain, schiatica, athletic injuries, chronic conditions of musculoskeletal origin.  Chiropractic techniques used are Diversified, Drop table, Activator, trigger point technique, active release technique, craniosacral therapy, TMJ release.  Doctor is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward, California.  In present time doctor is a treating chiropractor in Macabi TV clinic.  www.jerusalemdc.com


Clients Satisfaction

Marc H Diament
3 years ago

I highly recommend Dr. Plotkin for chiropractic services. I have used chiropractic services for over 30 years, so I have experience with not so good, good, and great chiropractors. I would class Dr. Plotkin as great. Here is specifically what I like: Responsive to my request for type of treatment Uses minimal force