Professional Therapy at the Shalev Center


Professional Therapy at the Shalev Center
054 642 2613 [email protected]
43 Be\\\'er Sheva Street, Nachlaot, Jerusalem

Professional Therapy at the Shalev Center 
with Chaya and Hillel Lester

In person in Jerusalem or anywhere via SKYPE!

“When I understand myself I will understand everything – the world, life – until my understanding reaches the very Source of Life.” – Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

At the Shalev Centerwe believe that positive change in the world begins within each individual. Thus, we are committed to creating a nurturing & safe environment for clients to engage in personal growth and healing on a deep level. 
Are you are seeking clarity, facing challenges in your relationships, battling depression, anxiety or struggling with self-worth? At the Shalev Center for Jewish Personal Growth, we provide professional and caring individual & couples therapy, offering you an affirming space to access your own deepest wisdom and innate ability for positive change and healing.
The best version of you is within reach.

Call today for an appointment: 
Hillel Lester – 054-642-2613, [email protected]
Chaya Lester – 054-691-8226, [email protected]

“Hillel Lester is one of the most insightful, compassionate, and gentle counselors I know... His ability to fully listen to others and hear the messages beneath the surface and his adept skill at reflection and processing make him a master therapist. Hillel brings himself 100% to anyone he works with.” 
"Chaya Lester was invaluable to me in a time of great confusion and difficulty. Chaya was professional yet warm, genuinely caring, and deeply intuitive in her approach. Anyone who meets her knows she is truly a natural. She is quite simply one of the best therapists around."
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