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Private Chef

0544297658 [email protected]

Crazy schedule?  Love Great Food?  Hire me.

Today's busy work schedules and active families place a premium on your free time.  Why spend it planning meals, shopping, and cooking?  

With my service, you can enjoy delicious gourmet cuisine, prepared by a professional chef, in the comfort and convenience of your own home. I take care of everything. No more meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, or clean up. You just enjoy fantastic meals tailored to your exact wishes.

Special dietary needs? Picky kids? Frequent entertainer? I've got you covered.

I am a trained chef with experience in upscale catering as well as private cooking. I enjoy creating healthy, fresh, delicious meals with an elegant touch. My expansive knowledge of special diets (such as gluten free, sugar free, paleo, vegan etc.) as well as many different international cuisines ensure I can work with you to design a menu that fulfills all of your needs and tastes. I can also work with any budget and my prices are very affordable.  

References available upon request. 

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