Creative Arts Therapies Services


Creative Arts Therapies Services

Experience Creative Arts Psychotherapy: Explore therapeutic issues, resolve conflicts and achieve insight. Give yourself the opportunity to rediscover your creative process – your first language.

With 30 years of experience in psychotherapy, Sara Jacobovici specializes in the use of the arts: music, visual art and movement, assisting you to verbalize what is beyond words and to re-view the script you presently use in a new light.

Most of Sara's career was based in Canada, followed by her Aliyah to Ra’anana, Israel in August, 2009. In Israel, Sara provides psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and families, as well as providing workshops and lectures to the community and various agencies.

Sara earned a Bachelor of Music degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a Masters degree in Creative Arts Therapy from the Mental Health Sciences Department of Hahnemann Medical University in Philadelphia, USA.