Deprived Father in Divorce/Separation? Get Experienced Basic Coaching


Deprived Father in Divorce/Separation? Get Experienced Basic Coaching

If you are.....

a divorced/separated father?
- under the yoke of heavy child support payments?
- feeling abused or deprived by the system or others re your children?
- feel you are not being heard by anyone?
- cornered with a feeling of no rights?

.....You need experienced (father) coaching!

It is a known thing, that fathers legal rights to their children in spousal disputes often are grotesquely undermined, on sole basis of the mother-child bond. Fathers are often being treated solely as ATM machines, while their childrens rights to a present happy father is neglected on no real grounds.

I have first hand personal experience with divorce proceedings in both Israel and abroad, and have succesfully managed, as a father, to beat the system times over, using the right understanding and attitude. I have been in situations of the deepest darkness, to receiving full custody and more. I have dealt with Israeli and foreign family courts, social workers, therapists and several Batei Din as well.

I have first hand knowledge of the ups, downs, pitfalls and booby traps of the law, and can provide practical guidance for how to proceed and how to improve your status/access visavi your children.

I can provide excellent contacts and give case-intro through the proper legal channels and lawyers, that I have used myself personally over the years.  

Please contact me for a session (over Skype or phone during these times)  so we can talk about how to approach and improve your situation. 

(Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or family therapist, and my counseling cannot be taken as a substitute for this. I can also not guarantee success in your particular case, even though I will do my utmost to help you). 



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