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Quit Smoking Now

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Office in Central Jerusalem

Ready To Quit Smoking?

You've had enough of the negative consequences of smoking.


Health issues.

You have recently woken up to the shock of someone you know dying of cancer from smoking

Throwing away thousands of $ a year on a deadly habit

Social consequences- Bad breath, etc..

Your family has had enough

Your looking to live life healthy and full of energy

So call or email now and discover how you can quit smoking in a fast and effective way.

No Patches, no Gums, no gimmicks

A powerful and effective method that will last you a life time.

You owe it to yourself to take a clean breath of air.

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0586622545 (call or whats app)

Eytan Coren M.Sc

Individual and family psychotherapy

Addictions counselor

EMDR practitioner(trauma based therapy)