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Fitness Trainer Tel Aviv

Come train with me and you will:
✔ produce hormones that burn fat > more muscle = more strength = less fat
✔ release feel good endorphins  
✔ gain confidence, empowerment and stamina
✔ boost overall sense of accomplishment and autonomy
✔ feel and look amazing

The hard work and dedication put in to strengthening your body is an investment that will only pay off with rewards greater than you can imagine. The mental clarity and satisfaction in seeing how I can help you and your body transform week to week is priceless. I will train you in a private and exclusive studio with kettlebells, battle rope, barbell, slam balls, sand bags and more. 

Call, message or visit my facebook page for more information 

Certified functional trainer

➣ Certified kettlebell instructor

➣ Wingate Certified

➣ CPTN Certified (Canadian certification)

➣ Blackroll SMRT Certified

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