Jerusalem Nutritionist


Jerusalem Nutritionist


I am offering nutritional counseling for all those people that are interested in leading a healthy lifestyle. I am offering 2 plans and one exercise class.

The Sem Plan teaches you how to make smart food choices and gives you practical tips on how to adapt these tips in the unique environment that is Israel.  The Sem Plan also provides you with a realistic and personalized diet and physical activity plan catered to your personal wants and needs. So, don't wait for those pounds to pile on - take advantage of The Sem Plan today!

 The Back to Basics program is ideal for those who have struggled with weight loss/gain or with weight related medical issues. The plan is personalized to your unique wants and needs and is realistic and adaptable for the long-term. 

Sofa to 5k - 8 week program where we will go form our sofas to running 5k!

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