Klita and Chesed Coordinator


Nov 17, 2021 | Jobs | Other | Jerusalem & Area
Klita and Chesed Coordinator
Part Time
02560-9104 [email protected]

Klita Mentorship and Chesed Coordinator

Busy Jerusalem non-profit and community center is looking to fill a new part-time position.The ideal candidate will be a veteran oleh with excellent interpersonal skills, experience in either Human Resources and/ or Social Work settings and enjoy working with and assisting people. The position requires native/fluent English and significant proficiency with Hebrew (understanding, reading, writing and spoken).

- Specific duties Include:

- Oversee recruitment, training, and management of appropriate Volunteer Aliya mentor families, and match incoming and new Olim with veteran Olim who will serve as volunteer mentors

-Coordinate shifts of volunteers to field calls and inquiries and to assist with networking anglo olim to available support and resources

The Mentorship/ Chesed coordinator will also assist with training, updating a volunteer manual, and recruitment of appropriate volunteers for our home bound initiative to offer companionship and support to elderly and infirmed olim, as well as identify and maintain a list of clients in need of assistance and companionship and match those clients with appropriate volunteer companions.

-Liaison with Klita Related Partnerships (NBN,Jerusalem Municipality,AACI,etc...)

-Coordinate Klita related workshops and events

-Create and Maintain a database (using sales force or another platform), to maintain detailed records about mentor families and the families they are assisting, as well as each Chesed pairing( client/ volunteers), including logs of visits and other details

For more information, or to apply, please send a resume to [email protected].


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