Kobi Girim - Gears auto repair shop


Kobi Girim - Gears auto repair shop
054-541-0466 [email protected] http://www.the-gear.co.il/
Beit ha-Yotser St 6, Talpiyot

Our vehicle is our home for many hours of the day. In our vehicle we drive home, to work and take the kids to and from school. The safety of our vehicle is the most important thing, because when our vehicle is safe - we and our children are safe too!

The most important part of our vehicle are the gears.

The gears of our vehicle actually constitutes its movement and the way we steer and maintains the quality of our ride so that it's safe.

Our hours:
Sun- Thurs 7:00-18:00
Fri 8:00-13:00

Why should we approach the gears repair shop rather than just a garage?

If our vehicle is really important to us and we want to make sure it is used for many years, we must invest in it and give it the right treatment.

If we take the car to a regular garage and not to a professional gear repair shop, our vehicle will not receive the proper care and can be damaged in the long run. Gear handling and gear remodeling is a very delicate business that requires a great deal of skill and professional knowledge. 

We are at the Gear repair shop have extensive experience in repairing and overhauling them in all types and models of cars. When we fix gears, we do it with the utmost care and precision, this can determine whether our car ride will be very safe or whether it will endanger us and anyone traveling with us in the car.

Kobi Girim is an automated gearbox renovation institute in Jerusalem, managed by Kobi Salmon with knowledge and experience in the field for over 20 years.

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