Therapist for internet addiction


Therapist for internet addiction
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Finding it hard to cope due to excessive amounts of time you spend online? Do you or a family member waste hours on the Internet?Internet addiction is a serious challenge negatively impacting users and their families.

  • Unable to control your online usage on inappropriate websites, leaving you feeling guilty?  Using the Internet to escape life’s problems or to relieve feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or depression?

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as adverse mood or irritability when you can’t be online? Risking important relationships, affecting your job performance, or missing an educational or career opportunity due to the excessive amount of time you spend online?

  • Does this sound like your problem or that of someone you care about? Internet addiction requires intervention and treatment yet there is hope.Yehoshua Landau, BA, MSc, an experienced successful addictions therapist, can help you get your life back on track. His clients have achieved excellent results in overcoming internet addiction. He offers confidential sessions via Skype or telephone from the privacy of your home or at his office in Jerusalem. Arrange an appointment at half-price for the initial session:[email protected] call 053-312-9611 and leave a message.