How to Talk to People About Their Problems


How to Talk to People About Their Problems
Physical 21/02/2023 21/02/2023 Starts 20:00 Ends 22:00 35 NIS
[email protected] 052-763-7029
2 Sheshet Hayamim, Apartment 19 Jerusalem

In this seminar we will learn and practice some of the Language Patterns of the late family therapist Virginia Satir as codified in the NLP Meta-Model. When someone speaks to you about a problem they are having, very often the problem is the result of an erroneous belief they have. This is the basic principle of the Meta Model. You will learn how to identify and clarify erroneous beliefs people have that are causing them to make mistakes in life. Then, help the person replace the erroneous beliefs with resourceful beliefs.

There are two general areas of beliefs. One is belief about how the world works. The second area is belief about oneself. There are different sources from which we formulate our beliefs. Some beliefs are generalizations we make based on our experiences. For example: "Nobody wants to be my friend”. Other beliefs have been inculcated in us by our families, teachers, and other significant people. For example: "It is wrong to ___" Sometimes we take our beliefs from the prevalent beliefs in the societies we live in. For example: "What is important in life is ..”

Examples of the some of the categories of beliefs we will cover in this seminar are:

---"If I move to a different neighbourhood I will be happier" (Cause --Effect)

--- "He comes home late. That means he doesn't care about us” (Complex Equivalence)

--- "The teacher doesn't like me" . (Mind Reading)

--- "It is important to be very strict with children" (Lost Performative)

Very often people are not consciously aware of their beliefs. This makes it harder for them to change them. It also makes it more difficult to anticipate and deal with the adverse effects of their faulty beliefs. Whether you are a parent, an educator, a counsellor, a therapist, or a caring friend, the NLP Meta-Model is a powerful and effective tool.

For info and to register: 052-763- 7029, [email protected] 35 NIS per person.   For women only.


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