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Dr Moshe Newman--SHeM1 Chiropractic



For over twenty-five years, Dr. Newman has been helping hundreds of people heal everything from back pains, neck pains, joint pains, headaches, eyesight problems, digestive problems, heart problems, reproductive problems, kidney problems, ear infections, asthma, sore throats, lung infections, gum infections, hypertension, many illnesses, including cancer, even flat-foot. He has helped dozens avoid surgery. Two amazing things are that the entire “treatment” consists of light touches appropriately placed on specific points on the spine and that Dr. Newman has never treated a symptom or condition. That is because Dr. Newman’s approach is based upon a unique application of the most current medical knowledge. Medical research has discovered a much more foundational cause of practically all pain, illness or dysfunction. It is the same foundational cause of tension build-up and PTSD. This discovery has led to the evolution of a much more effective, all-encompassing and more user-friendly healing paradigm. *


if you want to heal the root of pains, illnesses or other dysfunction, you are in the right place.

If you want to upgrade your capability to release tension and heal traumas, you are in the right place.

If you want to feel more safe, more at ease, more inner peace than you could have imagined, you are in the right place.

If you want to feel happier and release anger, feel more gratitude and release worry, you are in the right place.

If you want either to have someone to hold your hand through your healing process or you want to become empowered to do more and more or your own healing work, you are in the right place.

If you want all the benefits of great chiropractic care plus so much more…

Welcome to SHeM1 Healing Facilitation and Coaching

*(For more information, see the brochures, “New Discoveries in Neuro-Physiology Result in New Healing Paradigm“, “The Spinal Gateway Phenomenon” and “From Unsafe to Safe and From Safe to Growth” available at our clinic.)





Clients Satisfaction

Released from Pain and Constriction
6 years ago

I broke my tailbone while snowboarding a few years back, and since then I have had pain that made it near impossible to lie on my stomach for any extended period of time. Needless to say, this made sleeping a very uncomfortable experience at times. Ater going to Dr. Newman for a month, I have since been relieved of this pain and tension. His inner awareness technique, along with his conventional chiropractic methods, not only helped to alleviate my pain, but also enabled me to work on healing myself! His work is truly unbelievable. Highly recommended!

Chana Mason
Amazing work
6 years ago

Dr Newman saved my life from crippling sciatica over a decade ago, and I've experienced amazing mind body work with him ever since. Highly recommended!

Howard Clapsaddle
10 years and running!
6 years ago

Dr. Newman has been treating me for ten years. That

Simcha Binyamin Katsof
something truly special
6 years ago

ive gone to dr moshe neeman several times for different problems, and the more i went, the more ive connected on a deeper level to my inner emotional difficulties, which are the cause of my physical pains and aches. whats the most special about him, is that his goal is to give you the tools, to heal yourself. keep up the good work!

Chezkel Shapira
Goodbye Pain/Stiffness, Hello Deep Calm
6 years ago

I'm a sofer for almost thirty years. Before Dr. Moshe, I would always have tension building up in my upper back and neck and it would become very painful and tight. It got worse and worse over the years. This also hurt my parnassa because I couldn't write as long. Then I started receiving care from Dr. Newman. The pain and stiffness were reduced immediately and completely gone after only a few visits. It was unbelievable how such light touches could have such strong results. Furthermore, I had this amazing feeling of a wave of breath throughout my body. This left me feeling more calm and peaceful than ever before. Dr. Moshe also taught me how to release my back and my neck for myself and how to access feeling calm whenever I want. He's truly a genius as a healthcare pioneer!

B Sprei
Great for babies and everyone
6 years ago

Dr. Newman's Network Spinal Analysis work is simply amazing. So gentle and effective. He's been my chiropractor since I was a baby, and now he takes care of my babies! Whenever they are not feeling well, Dr. Newman makes a few light touches on their spines and soon, the crankiness is gone and they are happy and playing nicely again! Dr. Newman has helped with ear infections, fevers and all sorts of things. Five stars!

Rabbi Shlomo Schachter
Fifteen Years Of Chronic Pain GONE!
6 years ago

I had chronic back pain for fifteen years. Nothing helped until I came to Dr. Newman. Not only did Dr. Newman alleviate the pain, but he taught me an inner awareness technique which lets me release my spine on my own. Now, I don't have to take my time or spend my money on treatments. Everyone would benefit from this knowledge.

Rabbi Dr. Mechael Siegelbaum
6 years ago

As an emergency room MD, I work in an intensely stressful environment. Until I started seeing Dr. Newman, I had to take Acimol all the time to treat intense headaches. I also experienced anxiety and back pain. Now, thanks to Dr. Newman, I am pain free. Not only that, but as a medical doctor and in my capacity as a teacher of Torah, I would tend to get locked up in my head, separated from my heart. Working with Dr. Newman introduced me to an inner world I did not know existed. This awareness has had a profound effect on my ability to experience peace, love, joy and gratitude, has deepened my faith and strengthened my ability to express and enjoy heartfelt prayer. Dr. Newman

Chanablair Klein
Childhood Trauma
6 years ago

My personal experience in receiving Network Spinal Analysis has helped me to overcome my childhood trauma from having an abusive mother who was both verbally and physically abusive to me. In my early stages of receiving care from Dr. Newman I immediately felt a sense of peace and ease in my body. I started to notice changes where happening such as I totally stopped biting my nails which had been a childhood trauma from my mother digging her long nails into my arms to which I have permanent scares. As I progressed in learning varies mind eye placement techniques that Dr. Newman taught me along with the spinal contacts he administered I found at I had the ability to heal myself such as when boiling hot oil spilled on my hand and within a half hour I had released the pain and the redness had disappeared. I have many more stories that I could share about this amazing healing work that Dr. Newman does and how it can help anyone overcome both physical and mental issues. Presently I am enrolled in his Martial HEARTS program which is giving me expanded tools in my own inner healing journey. If you are looking for a permanent life changing experience to your healing that I highly highly recommend Dr. Newman

David Nigerman
Release Tension and Pain
6 years ago

After playing football, my body is usually pretty achy and I can feel my spine gets locked up. So I go to my chiropractor, Dr. Newman. He makes a few light touches on my spine and it's unbelievable-- it's like a wave of breath goes through me, everything opens up and the tension melts away leaving me feeling really good, relaxed and usually pain free. Awesome!

David Avraham Kletz
Back and Neck Pain
6 years ago

I have been to a few chiropractors. Dr. Newman is the best of them. He has shown me how your thoughts affect bodily pain. He has shown me techniques on how to connect my mind to my body, alleviating pain.

Sciatica gone ! Thank Hashem
6 years ago

Dr Moshe's NSA work has reliveved Sciatia that was really making my life difficult. He has also introduced me to Mind/ Body/ Soul meditation-tools that I can take with me throughout my life; he explained that this work goes to the core of emotional and body issues. This makes sense tp me in light of the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov my Rebbe! He also is a master conventional chiropractor so has given me the occasional click in the right place! This is really amazing stuff!