Mac Support Specialist / Network Specialist


Mac Support Specialist / Network Specialist

 Is your Apple driving you bananas? Look no further....

Apple Certified Support - mother tongue English!

I have recently made Aliyah and am starting to offer my technical services in Israel. I have been in IT for 10+ years, specialising in Mac and Networks (Wired & Wireless) for the last 7.

Services include:
* Mac & PC On-Site Support (Home & Business)
* Mac & PC Remote Support (TeamViewer)
* Mac Repairs
* Mac Upgrades
* Mac Training (1 on 1)
* Managed Networks
* Network Installation & Setup
* Network Maintenance
* WiFi Installations (Home & Business)

* Managed Services (G Suite, Office365, Cloud Backup)

And more....

Speak to me today and let's see how I can help you!