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Nachman's Paints

Nachman's Paints is a Jerusalem based painting service that has been serving Jerusalem's painting needs for almost 10 years.  We adapt ourselves to all different levels of work; from the quick job a tenant wants at the end of a rental contract to the perfect job a property manager needs in his clients multi milliom dollar estate, and anything in between.

At Nachman's Paints we believe that painting is a profession not a hobby.  This means our workers have years of experience and our tools are the best that we can get our hands on. 

Nachmans Paints brings American professionalism to Israel.  We actually import it! Purdy brushes, Wooster rollers, Long Arm extention poles and of course the ultimate in painting technology: The Drop Cloth

Our goal is to get paint where you want it and not where you don't.  Wall paint on the wall not the baseboard or ceiling.  Trim paint on the trim and not on the walls.  The floors won't even know we were there.   

We are all Jewish, we are all English speakers and we are all very patient.  This means that we work slowly and methodically without rushing thru details.  It also means is that we deal with the customers patiently, and are happy to give as much time and energy as are necessary to please them.

For all your painting needs call Aryeh Zehavi at Nachman's Paints today: 0525335217


Clients Satisfaction

Gila Hoch
6 years ago

We just got married a few weeks ago and hired Aryeh to paint our apartment before we moved in. He was an absolute pleasure to work with - professional, flexible and reliable. We had some particularly nasty mold and he treated it meticulously before painting. It was also clear that he takes pride in his work - we had requested to leave a couple of doors unpainted but Aryeh did them free of charge so that we would have a nice home to move in to after we got married. He also left the apartment exactly as it was beforehand - all the furniture was returned to its original place and everything was carefully cleaned up. I would recommend Aryeh to anyone without a second thought!

Nachman Paints
6 years ago

As a designer i found his work to be very professional. His attention to detail and his willingness to try something a little different was refreshing. While I was away I gave him the keys to my apartment and found everything as I left it, except that the apartment was painted. He put everything back exactly as I had left it, and he cleaned up beautifully. He was a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly. I am hiring him to do some painting/fixing at my daughters apartment. Can not imagine using anyone else. Debbi

Elana Zeevi
Exceptional Service!
6 years ago

As a property manager in Jerusalem for over 10 years, I can wholeheartedly recommend Nachman's paints. I have had the pleasure of working with Aryeh Zahavi and his crew in my own home as well as the homes of my clients. Whether a simple property or the most luxurious, I have never seen another painter take the time to prep a space so meticulously. From start to finish, complete professionalism, and an open ear to the clients needs and requests. I was able to give them the keys to my home and come back to a beautiful high quality job well done.