Online furniture store - everything you need for a home


Online furniture store - everything you need for a home

Who doesn't like to shop online? There isn't one! Shopping online is undoubtedly the most convenient and efficient. Whether we do online shopping for food products, clothes and even furniture. Indeed, an online furniture store allows the customer a shopping experience that is completely different from the experience of a physical purchase.

What are the advantages of an online furniture store?

So what's so good about buying furniture online you ask? There are many good things in it. First thing: the selection! What to do, not every furniture store sits on a huge area of ​​several dunams and has thousands of products that can be kept in one space. In fact, most of the furniture stores in Israel do not have in the store itself all the furniture that can be purchased from them because there is no place in the store itself to keep all the models, therefore many models are scattered in different warehouses throughout the country.

A second thing that improves buying when you buy furniture online is that you don't have to walk around for hours, let alone get lost in a maze of furniture to find sideboards that you like. Alternatively, when you purchase furniture online, you can navigate yourself through a website with clear titles, division into different departments and categories of furniture, all with the click of a button.

And if all these are not enough for you, think about the time. Without a doubt, time is the most valuable resource you have in this life! Buying furniture through an online furniture store saves you a lot of time! Starting with the drive, looking for parking and ending with the never-ending walking around inside a store and the desperate attempt to find one available service person who would be useful to serve you. If so, quantity, convenience and saving time and resources, these are the main advantages of buying furniture online.

What furniture can be purchased in an online furniture store?

Arik Design - online furniture store, provides a service of ordering various furniture online. The store website is convenient and user-friendly. On the website you can find all the furniture that is in the physical store and in addition you can enjoy modern furniture that you cannot find in the physical store or in any other furniture store.

The categories are divided in a way that allows you to easily find what you are looking for, whether it is armchairs, sideboards, online dining areas or any other furniture for the home. In addition to this, the store allows you to play with the amount you are willing to invest in a certain piece of furniture, if for example you are interested in purchasing sofas online, and your budget for purchasing a sofa is up to NIS 8,000, you can control the sofas that will be presented to you and see only the sofas that meet your budget.

In addition to the usual categories that you find in furniture stores, on the website of Eric Design's online furniture store you can find three categories that are unusual. One is: SALE - furniture that is on sale. The second is OUTLET - surplus furniture left in warehouses for various reasons and at market-breaking prices and the third category is: complementary products - where you can find different design ideas, get ideas and inspiration and of course order unique products that will complete the look of your living room, your bedroom or any other room in your home .

Logistics and customer service

Like the physical store, the online furniture store also ensures courteous, professional and high-quality service. Along with purchasing furniture online, you will of course also receive transport and assembly services if necessary. The delivery time varies from piece of furniture to piece of furniture, but Arik Design's logistics system makes every effort to deliver the products to customers as soon as possible and without compromising the quality of service. You also have a phone and email available to contact the store's professional and administrative staff.

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