Proper planning is of utmost importance.


Proper planning is of utmost importance.

I have been working for years in interior design and planning. Proper planning is of utmost importance. It should always be smart, practical, and efficient.

You're buying an apartment for 1.5, 2, 3 million shekels, or even more, probably your biggest purchase ever. You take out a mortgage for the next decade or two of your lives to pay for an apartment that will serve you and your family’s changing needs. Does it really seem logical to make decisions alone about changes in the apartment? Changes in building plans, temperature and sound regulation, electricity, plumbing, and other important decisions can be significant both monetarily and, more importantly, affect the comfort and quality of life in your home.

Let’s put design aside and assume you can choose furniture, closets, colors, and coordination on your own. Let’s talk about planning the use of space:

Does it seem logical to cut costs by foregoing a serious planner (preferably someone who will also oversee implementation), a professional planner who costs 1-1.5% of the cost of your apartment? Would you rather save plan on your own in order to save money, even though this isn’t your area of expertise, you have no experience or deep understanding of the technical aspects, and your perception of space is not the strongest?

Don’t you understand the cost of the mistakes you’ll make? You don’t fully comprehend how much an experienced professional can improve your quality of life, and with this same professional understanding and experience, also prevent unnecessary expenses and heartache. A professional will make sure you spend on what is truly important to you. In short, mistakes that you make will cost you many times more than what you would spend on an interior planner.

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